Oxford University notes more complaints about Apple Play

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford - pic Mike MageeApple’s move into streaming music services is attracting more complaints daily.

Oxford University’s TheySay sentiment analysis company monitored Twitter to work out the overall feeling towards the new service and discovered that Apple’s normally psychopathically enthusiastic fanbase was not impressed.

When Jobs’ Mob announced Apple Music received an overall 85 percent approval rating from tweeters, but now that it’s here, the actual service is proving as popular as the Boston Strangler.

Dr Karo Moilanen, Oxford University professor and co-founder of TheySay, observed: “Compared to the sky-high positive sentiment ratings that Apple products and announcements typically reach on Twitter, this time Apple Music invoked a healthy dose of strong negative sentiment (ca. 24 percent) amongst tweeters”.

According to TheySay, there were 84,845 keyword mentions on Twitter, of which 76 percent were positive, and 24 percent negative.

Defining if something was positive appears to be a pit of a problem. Oxford thought the phrase “A curated radio station” was a good thing. A lot of the positive results were connected to the popular beat combo artist Taylor Swift and not to the product.

However the negatives were a lot more explicit. They included:

  • A truly annoying renewing payment feature (“auto-bill-after-free-trial scam”).
  • Not original enough compared to Spotify (“just a wannabe Spotify assassin”).
  • A confusing UX disaster with incomplete and buggy builds on many devices.
    Apple’s obsession with U2 – yet another U2 preloaded.
  • Auto-following unwanted artists.
  • Limited shared playlists, for example family sharing.
  • The annoying auto-following feature was behind the massive peaks in anger, dislike, and negative sentiment that stand out in the charts.

Moilanen says: “The sentiment profiles for Spotify suggest that, contrary to what many tweeters predicted, the providential arrival of Apple Music does not look like it will kill off sSpotify.

“ The ratio of extremely positive vs. negative sentiment was 9 per cent negative : 29 per cent positive for Apple Music, while Spotify’s ratio was 12 per cent negative : 32 per cent positive which does not indicate huge divergence,” he said.