Oxford Uni puts the Large Hadron Collider into Android

While the elusive Higgs Boson hasn’t been found just yet, the University of Oxford is giving Android users the opportunity to explore the Large Hadron Collider on their phones.

With a new app called LHSee, you can explore three dimensional diagrams of the LHC and poke about one of the most talked-about scientific structures ever. This particular project has been funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

The Large Hadron Collider isn’t simply an opportunity for an easy and amusing anagram. No, it has the potential to unearth some of the most significant scientific developments mankind has ever seen, or so goes the hype. Peaches Geldof explains it here but for a more in depth and accurate look, it’s worth checking out the app website here

We’ve had a go on it, and we have to say it’s not the easiest concept to get your head around – the app is packed full of so much information it’s a little bit overwhelming – but we are dealing with the creation of the universe here, so it’s kind of expected. 

The team at Oxford, which built the app, has included a shed load of educational resources as well as the ability to view individual collisions in 3D reminiscent of Elite. We have to say, the bundled “Hunt the Higgs” game isn’t quite as compelling as Angry Birds. But that’s edutainment.

Dr Alan Barr of the University of Oxford said in a statement: “It’s amazing to see that you can pick out the different individual proton collisions”. 

You can download the app for free on the Android market place now, here