Oracle making bizarre demands from Google

Oracle is demanding that Google hand over huge amounts of cash as the price for the search engine outfit fragmenting Java, according to a leading analyst.

Writing in his bog, Florian Mueller claims that Oracle wants a huge cut of Google’s mobile advertising revenue plus compensation.

Mueller said that one of the best-kept secrets in the patent dispute between Oracle and Google is what Oracle demands in terms of compensation for past damages and on which terms.

However it was clear that Oracle wanted a lot and Google had no choice but to defend itself in court.

Mueller said that he has found a publicly accessible document which provides, despite some blackened passages, a pretty good indication as to how demanding Oracle is.

Oracle wants Google to pay damages for past infringement that would, in the worst case, far exceed any money Google has made with Android so far.

A defeat in court would require Google to make fundamental changes to its Dalvik virtual machine which would undo many if not all existing Dalvik-based (.DEX) applications.

Mueller said that there would be serious doubt as to whether Google could meet Oracle’s requirements while continuing to make Android available without charging a per-copy licence fee.

Google must be kicking itself. Apparently it was close to doing a deal with Sun before Oracle bought the outfit, but rejected its terms.