One day after launch event: Windows Phone bug spotted

In its rush to finally make a proper play against Apple and the iPhone in the smartphone wars, a Windows Phone partner has copied one of the Jobs’ Mob’s unique selling points: a proximity sensor bug.

ZDNet got the scoop from a “source within HTC“. The insider said HTC is hoping to fix the bug ahead of the commercial launch on the 21st of this month – not long now, guys. ZDNet’s unit sometimes “remained activated while calls were being made, resulting in calls occasionally being hung up or put on hold accidentally,” David Meyer says from his bog. It’s the HD7 that is affected.

Back in July it was revealed the iPhone 4 had a troublesome proximity sensor. It would work when covered with your finger but pratically, when held up to a user’s face, the screen would blink and struggle to decide what to do. Calls would accidentally hang up, be placed on mute and numbers would accidentally be dialled.

While it hasn’t hurt the iPhone 4’s profits and the marketing juggernaut is still steaming ahead, as a budding contender HTC had better fix the issue. It certainly gives gives credence to Jobs’, at the time flawed, perception that it’s not just his phones that are buggered.