Office sneaks into Windows 7 Mobile

Since Microsoft released the latest Windows Phone Developer Community Technical Preview (CTP) for Windows 7 developers have wasted no time trying to see what is under the bonnet.

Developers at XDA had a looky see into the ROM and discovered Office is now part of the package. This means that Windows 7 mobile users will have a pretty advanced office until under the bonnets of their smartphones.

There is also an uninstall mechanism for apps  and some natty features that allow you to  press and hold an application’s icon you can pin it to the start screen, rate and review it for the Marketplace or uninstall it. You’ll no longer have to find a dedicated uninstall screen on the device or in the Marketplace app.

 XDA Developers has a number of screen shots of screens now available, including the dialler interface, call history and more.

All good stuff but Microsoft has to move a little quicker to get some of these into the final build of Windows 7 Mobile before June or July.  That is theoretically last date before the operating system can appear in hardware which is to be released before Christmas.  Microsoft has been promising Window 7 Mobile will be in the shops for it to be Christmas presents for those who like that sort of thing.