O2 turns scrooge on Xmas promo mess-up

Now that the 12th day of Christmas has been and gone, British telco O2 has got the January Blues and gone all Scrooge.

O2 ran a promotional offer around Christmas time on some of its phones. “£20 to spend as you like,” it said, as a special treat for new customers signing up to its packages. The problem was the voucher customers got didn’t work in-store – they had to go online to apply for it. Customers could choose a Boots, Amazon, Next, Pizza Hut or Argos voucher.

Confused customers went online, wondering why the website they had to claim through was sending them round and around. One tells TechEye “it was a challenge”, who eventually managed to claim the voucher on the 14th December but still hasn’t had anything in the post.

But now, it seems there was a hiccup in O2’s systems. In an email, a representative for the Voucher Team said: “It appears on our system, that you may have received multiple sets of £20 vouchers from O2 for the Christmas Promotion. We are asking that customers please return these extra vouchers; but keep the vouchers you were entitled to.”

Doesn’t O2 know it’s a faux pas to ask for your presents back? Especially when customers haven’t been given them in the first place.