O2 messes about husband and pregnant wife over iPhone 4

All is not right and good in Appleland, specifically its O2 wing in Brighton, where hundreds of excitable geeks had been queing for the iPhone4 since the early hours this morning, happily chatting away and patiently waiting to be handed their new toy.

Despite what the adverts insinuate, Apple and O2 alike, they’re not that family friendly. A friend of TechEye’s, Miles Cheverton, wanted to represent himself and his late-stage pregnant wife, Charlee Cheverton, to pick up two of the Jobs’ Mob’s latest effort. Obviously, they’re in high demand and relatively short supply – very short supply if you want a white one – so Miles thought it would be best to double, triple check with O2 directly if he could make the morning trip and queue for three hours.

O2 told Miles it would be fine. He brought a camping chair so he could make sure he’d be at the front of the line for opening time, and waited three hours overall, quite happily. Again – Miles contacted O2 directly who said it will be fine as he has two contracts, one on behalf of his wife, Charlee.

Apparently the conversation went something like this:

“Two iPhone 32GB on 24 month contracts please!”

“You can only have one”

“But I have two contracts”

“You can only have one”

“But O2 said I could have two!”

“You can only have one”

“My wife is five months pregnant and can’t queue up at six in the morning”

“You can only have one”

It’s a lot of money for one customer to hand over and a lot of money to turn away. He told us that the biggest issue he had wasn’t with the phone, it was the absolutely shocking customer service, being told one thing, then the other, with no apologies or explanations.

We talked to an O2 press officer, Sarah, who told us that Miles didn’t get told he could pick up one for his wife too. Sadly, she wasn’t there to confirm what Miles said, so it’s speculation from her point of view. She also said “I don’t understand, if she’s five months pregnant, why couldn’t she go down there?” Er, probably because she’s five months pregnant. 

Charlee Cheverton said: “That’s charming, that is. I bet she hasn’t got kids. My back is so painful I can barely move today, as it is most mornings now.”