O2 loses patience with Dell Streak

Telco O2 appears to have lost patience waiting for Dell to upgrade its Streak tablet fom Android 1.6 and has issued its own upgrade to 2.1.

Dell shipped the streak with a version of Android which was out-of-date when Noah built his ark. When punters bought the Dell Streak, and apparently some did, they were a bit shocked to find that it ran on Android 1.6.

Dell said that  owners would  get an upgrade from the ageing Android 1.6 to the new shiny 2.2 at the end of Summer. But so far this has not happened and the days are getting shorter.

This made the Streak tablet the chocolate teapot of gizmos and made it the butt of many jokes.

However the bad news is that it will not get the latest version.

O2 has confirmed it will offer an over-the-air upgrade over its network this week, but the revamp will only be to 2.1 and not 2.2.

While this is better than a poke in the eye with a short stick, it is still not full Android goodness. Users upgrading to 2.1 see speed and performance enhancements, as well as improved video recording, and native touchscreen support for gestures.

Dell has said that the upgrade from 2.1 was nothing to do with it, but came from O2 instead. It looks like O2 did not think it would shift any Streaks while Dell was mucking around trying to get 2.2 to go on it and released it itself. 

O2 has said it was releasing a 2.1 upgrade, with a 2.2 revamp scheduled for an unspecified later date, so there is still hope.