O2 bricks phones with Android FroYo update

O2 UK has pulled the plug on its Android 2.2 update for the HTC Desire after it was discovered that the update was bricking people’s phones.

While it is commonly known that Apple sends out updates to brick jailbroken phones, O2 has tried to one up the fruity company by bricking an Android phone that hasn’t even been jailbroken at all.

The Android 2.2 update for the Desire should be a clean update, as it is developed by Google and then modified by HTC to include updates to its Sense UI. It has also been out a few months now, tested on multiple devices and networks. Yet somehow O2 managed to screw it up.

Now thousands of people throughout the UK are complaining about software crashes or completely bricked phones. Instead of making their phones run faster on FroYo and have access to extra features, O2 customers will be lucky if they can even turn it on.

For those experiencing crashes and other hitches a hotfix is being planned, but it may be the end of the month before that is ready. For those with bricked phones, the only answer is to send it in to O2 to be fixed or replaced.

O2 is not the only one to incur the wrath of its customers after a massive cock-up with the FroYo update. In early August Vodafone angered many people when it introduced the Android 2.2 update for the HTC Legend, only to axe it soon afterwards after people experienced problems sending text messages. It makes us wonder if there might be a major fault with HTC’s patch, but since it’s working on phones we tested our only conclusion is that the telcos are incompetent.

O2 is actually a little on the late side with this update, as HTC released the Desire update over a month ago. Many customers have been complaining about the delay, hoping to actually get the update at all, unlike some older phones, like the HTC Hero, which had to wait ages for the 2.1 update. 

It seems that waiting might be a good thing after all, however, and those O2 customers who decided not to upgrade as soon as the FroYo update was made available are lucky souls indeed.