Nvidia hints at CUDA in mobile phones

Nvidia is looking to expand its CUDA parallel-processing architecture to mobile devices in the next few years, the company’s CEO has said.

The move will mean that mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs will in the future be able to run multimedia-rich applications.This is because CUDA allows some processor-intensive tasks such as video editing or image manipulation to be off-loaded from the main processor to a graphics processor, giving an improvement in data processing speed.

“The benefit of CUDA in mobile devices is shocking,” said Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, in a Tokyo interview.

CUDA is currently used in supercomputers and most recently it’s landed on enterprise and consumer desktop, where it’s used for high power software such as video editing and encoding.

According to Huang using CUDA in mobile phones could create apps that could recognise a bottle of wine from a phone’s camera and give the best prices on the net as well as what it should be drunk with.

However, this technology won’t be available for at least two or three years.

See Huang’s comments as filmed by Network World in the YouTube video below.