Nokia's Microsoft plans do not cover tablets

Microsoft’s billion dollar agreement with Nokia does not seem to include shoving its Windows Mobile 7 on any of the former rubber boot maker’s coming tablet designs.

Reuters, quoting a deep throat within Nokia,  said that its strategy for entering the tablet computer market does not include Vole.

Apparently Nokia is still considering its options for tablets and these include MeeGo, a platform Nokia has been jointly developing with Intel.

Nokia wants to get its first tablet right rather than rushing to join the party late.

It wants to come up with something a little different that will also help it with other cunning plans such as getting into telly.

While the deep throat suggested that Nokia’s tablet plans could include Microsoft, they are not part of the agreement.

Before signing on the dotted line with Redmond Nokia had been betting on MeeGo for high-end smartphones. In the end it felt that the market was too crowded with other software.

Microsoft is not expected to be ready with a true tablet platform before late 2012. It will be based on its forthcoming Windows 8 PC operating system, rather than its Windows Mobile 7.

However it does indicate that CEO Steve Ballmer might have lost a trick when he negotiated the deal with his former employee Stephen Nokia’s Elop. He came up with a clever idea to save Windows Mobile 7, but either didn’t think about using it to solve his tablet problem, or this was rejected by Nokia. 

Either way Microsoft will have to think of something different if it wants to get into the Tablet market.