Nokia waves farewell to Ovi

In another last-ditch effort to re-brand by Nokia as it quakes in its own rubber boots pre-Microsoft take-over, “Ovi” has left the building.

It’s another “seamless motion” from the marketers at Nokia. Now Ovi will be called, simply, “Nokia” while the services will remain exactly the same. The change will not be effective immediately, rather some rebranding will begin in July this year. 

Ovi was the bet of ex chief-exec Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who piledrived the entire company face-first into the ground before Microsoft’s stooge The Swingin’ Stephen Elop came along. 

Remember, Nokia applications will be finding their way into Windows Phones as part of that, ahem, partnership. We guess it really wants to leave its mark, much as it can.

Nokia’s branding attempts so far have been somewhat lacklustre. It may hope that calling Ovi “Nokia” will be a boost for recognition, but unfortunately “Nokia” still conjures up memories of the great 3210, the phone that really took off world wide.

Since, Nokia has come to mean delays for endless flagship phones that never really are.