Nokia to use Intel chips

This week at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Nokia and Intel are expected to finally unveil the first fruits of their collaboration on mobile device technology. 

While announcement details are shrouded in secrecy in advance of Monday’s press conference, industry insiders expect an advanced collaboration around custom silicon design for mobile devices that will see the world’s largest handset manufacturer embrace the world’s largest chipmaker in a serious way. A post Valentine’s love fest, if you will.

Speculation has it that the announcement will involve a customised version of Intel’s Moorestown chipset which will likely have implications for widespread adoption of both Nokia’s future tablet and handheld devices. 

The announcement will be a slap in the face to both ARM and Apple, as what is increasingly becoming a mobile bitch-fight heats up. 

British chippy ARM, is also expected to make a few big announcements this week centred around its Cortex A-9 and A-5 platforms. But there is certainly no love lost between the firm and big bad chipper Intel, which seems to have again resorted to using its bully boy tactics and massive resources to steal share away from ARM in the rapidly growing market for smart devices.

Then again, Intel needs to inflate its oversized ego somehow after Apple, its on again off again customer, shocked industry pundits by shunning the firm in its recent iPad announcement, choosing to go with its custom-designed silicon A-4 – or should we say, ARM-4 – processor.

This took almost all the attention off the processor and onto user interface and applications instead. Which is what people really care about at the end of the day, anyway.