Nokia ships its N8 smartphone at last

Nokia has finally begun shipping its flagship N8 handset to customers.

The troubled manufacturer officially announced the device in April but it was delayed a number of times so that it could fix software bugs that were lurking, it said.

It has now cleaned up and customers who pre-ordered their handsets are finally beginning to receive them. Other customers who want them will be able to get the device within the next coming weeks, apparently.

Nokia’s smartphones have trailed behind Apple and the gang after the company scrapped a prototype smartphone back in 2004. It has since tried to ramp up its offerings by dumping its old CEO and bringing in Microsoft business head Stephen Elop.

The N8 runs on the open-source Symbian 3 operating system, which allows personalised home screens and multitasking of apps. It has a HDMI interface for connection to a TV, an AMOLED touch-screen and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

Users will also get free satnav via the Ovi Maps tool and access to the Ovi Store for applications to expand the phone’s capabilities.

The N8 will retail for £429, or be offered free on £35 per month tariffs.