Nokia scraps Windows RT tablet

Although Nokia is Microsoft’s partner of choice when it comes to Windows Phone, Nokia has reportedly ditched plans to launch a Windows RT tablet, despite the rumour that it has been working on one for over a year.

However, it appears that Nokia is still working on a Windows 8 tablet, the Street reports.

If the reports are indeed true, Microsoft is about to lose another potential Windows RT partner and even the ones that are still on board are anything but convinced RT can ever be a success.

Some big players like HP turned down the opportunity to build RT tablets outright, while others gave them a go only to ditch them a few months later, like Samsung. With the less than enthusiastic reception of Windows RT devices, Nokia’s decision doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

The company is already struggling to keep up with Android and iOS in the smartphone space and it hardly needs yet another barely competitive platform for tablets.

Windows RT 8.1 is expected to bring quite a few changes and new features. It won’t be as crippled as the original release and it will feature more business friendly apps. On the other hand, it won’t address the basic shortcomings of Windows RT – bloat, big footprint and high price.