Nokia scores another own goal with N8 palaver

After attempting to get back in the running following a wave of terrible announcements, the former maker of rubber boots, Nokia has shot itself in the foot again.

Nokia customers are incandescent with rage after the trouble phone maker announced yet another delay on the sale of its flagship smartphone. The reason that they thought this was a note from Nokia’s marketing department telling them so.

It is the second time that the N8 has been delayed but in this market you only have to ask Steve Ballmer about the cost of blinking.

But Nokia have made an even bigger pig’s ear of it by denying  the information that their marketing department gave out but not exactly being clear about it either.

The denial is still pretty strange, saying that “we still expect to start the shipments by the end of the third quarter.” But if that were correct it would have shipped.

If the earlier, and now denied statement were correct, then the N8 phone will  be available in October but considering that it should have been in expectant hands in June many feel this is unacceptable.

The reason for the delay is that Nokia wanted to upgrade the software in the model. It seems that it has taken a lot longer than Nokia thought that it would to roll out the upgrade.

The N8 was supposed to be the first model based on a new generation of its new Symbian software.

The Nokia bulletin boards are not exactly being kind over the delay. Particularly as they have been so supportive of the N8 even in the wake of some stiff Androidish competition.

Word on the street is that Nokia is a bit scared to release the phone if the software is not perfect. The N97 release was a fiasco with many problems.

But at the Duke Nukem speed that the outfit is moving there is a fear that the N8 will not be ready for the the crucial pre-Christmas selling season.