Nokia pulls X7 smartphone launch

Former rubber maker Nokia will not launch its X7 smartphone in the US in February because it is a little worried about how AT&T plans to market the beast.

Nokia told Digital Daily that the decision to pull the phone from sale in the US was its own and not AT&T’s. However it means that the outfit is no closer to breaking into the smartphone segment in one of the biggest markets for those devices.

Nokia deep throats told the Digital Daily that the former rubber boot maker was concerned that AT&T wouldn’t give it sufficient marketing and subsidy support.

It seems that AT&T did not think that the X7 was worth moving heaven and earth for because of the fiasco which was the launch of the N8 which did not do as well as the iPhone. Although AT&T has lost exclusive rights to flog the iPhone it is still likely to be its most successful product in 2011 so pushing the X7 makes little sense.

The X7s problem is that although it has the latest generation of Symbian, it is not an iPhone or Android. If punters want a smartphone they usually pop into the shops looking for one or the other,

Later versions of Android in particular are becoming much sought after and are giving the iPhone a good kicking. Symbian is in a worse state.

Nokia did provide an official comment to AllThingsD saying it was working hard with its US carrier partners to bring meaningful smartphone solutions to market that are compelling consumer experiences, have strong operator support and a thriving ecosystem. As in any business, plans can change and deliberate decisions must be made to enable clear focus on bringing the right products to market at the right time.”