Nokia pulls out of US and Canada Symbian phone market

Nokia has decided to pull out of the Symbian smartphone market in the US in favour of Windows-based gear.

According to All Things Digital,  Nokia plans to stop selling both feature phones and Symbian-based smartphones in the United States and Canada.

The head of Nokia’s US subsidiary Chris Weber said that the company will also focus exclusively on sales through traditional wireless carriers and will stop flogging them to directly to punters.

Nokia has sold its smartphones at full price to consumers when carriers did not want to subsidise them.

Weber now says that when it launches Windows Phone products later this year it will essentially be out of the Symbian business.

The former rubber boot maker seems to be betting the farm on Windows 7. Weber said that if the company was not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what it does. The introduction of the Windows based operating system is the equivalent of playing the “do or die” card in the Escape from Colditz boardgame.

He said that the US is a priority for Nokia. It is a key market for Microsoft and Nokia sees it as a key to winning in the smartphone battle worldwide.

The war will start with Nokia’s biggest-ever marketing push which will be focused on reestablishing its presence in the US. Weber said his outfit is putting its money where its mouth is.