Nokia promises Windows Mobile 7 phones next year

The first fruits of Nokia’s billion dollar deal with Microsoft will not be until 2012.

Nokia’s Chief Executive Stephen Elop told the Times of India  that the first Nokia Oyj smartphones with Microsoft OSes on board will be on sale from 2012.

Elop admitted it is a long way off and he feels under pressure to deliver it much earlier.

He said that his people were working on the first Windows Phone devices from Nokia. He pointed out that if anyone had bought the company it would not be that far advanced.

That somewhat strange comment was to reply to rumours that Vole was considering buying Nokia to speed things up a bit.

If Vole did try to buy the outfit, the acquistion would be slowed and there would be a good year of anti-trust investigations. This would delay the release of the phone still further, he said.

Elop is under a lot of pressure to turn the former rubberware maker around. The deal with Microsoft was supposed to be part of that.

He actually came from Vole last September, and said he could see no good reason for the speculation that Microsoft might try to buy Nokia as it would have no interest in the rest of the business.

The agreement between Nokia and Microsoft still has to be finalised, something that Elop has said he expects to happen in the next couple of months.