Nokia prepares ground for smartphone return

nokia-in-advanced-talks-to-acquire-alcatel-lucents-wireless-business-reportsFinnish company Nokia sold off its smartphone unit to Micosoft for billions in 2013 but it appears it will return to that market next year, demonstrating the wisdom of the adage “take the money and run”.

Nokia is in the process of hiring on social network site Linkedin, according to Reuters, and wants engineers and other people in its bid to return to the smartphone fold.

It has already introduced a tablet and also has introduced a virtual reality camera and it’s quite possible that it might make a successful re-entry into the smartphone world, where fortunes ebb and flow as fashion and marketing dollars dictate.

Witness, for example, the failure of Microsoft to make a go of the smartphone market, of Blackberry and more recently the poor performance of Taiwanese pioneer HTC.

There’s a lot to play for because now, as we reported last week, there’s hard evidence that smartphones and tablets are beating up PCs.

Nokia used to be in the PC market back in the late 1990s but beat a hasty retreat when it saw the writing was on the wall for niche PC builders.