Nokia loses ITC patent case

An initial ruling by the US International Trade Commission has ruled that Apple has not infringed any of Nokia’s Symbian patents.

Judge James Gildea denied Nokia’s claim that Apple had violated five patents, but did not provide an explanation for his ruling. It is not over yet because the full six-member commission now has 60 days to review his decision.

Nokia wanted to have Apple products barred from the US as part of a handbags at dawn fight between the two smartphone makers. The fight will continue. Nokia losing this round does not mean that Apple has won.

Analyst Florian Mueller said  that anything is still possible at the ITC in the three investigations involving Apple and Nokia.

Nokia may still have a “Kodak moment” and get a review of the ALJ’s determination by the Commission. Even if Nokia’s complaint against Apple was dismissed definitively by the ITC, Apple’s assertions against Nokia may very well suffer the same fate, he said

Should there really be a “goalless draw” at the ITC, and should the parties continue to fight each other instead of settling, then they will both try to win decisions in other fora, where it will take longer than in those ITC investigations, Mueller added.