Nokia gives crocodile indigestion

A crocodile in a zoo, which did a Peter Pan and, ate a Nokia mobile phone has been off its food and a little under the weather.

Crocodiles are renowned for eating arms, and alarm clocks and chasing pirate captains across many oceans.

However when Gena, the 14-year-old croc swallowed the phone it did not end up like it did in Peter Pan.

Rimma Golovko dropped her Nokia in the water after she stretched out her arm, trying to snap a photo of Gena opening his mouth.

Gena thought the phone was lunch and swallowed it whole. The Dnipropetrovsk aquarium found out by ringing the number and hearing it “deep inside her skin”.

However, Gena has found smart phone ownership somewhat depressing. He has not eaten anything or had a dump for four weeks. He never smiles and appears to be in pain.

He also won’t play with three fellow African crocodiles, despite being the group leader. He moves very little and swims much less.

The quacks tried to feed him live quail injected with vitamins and a laxative, but, while Gena killed one he did not bother eating it.  We had the same effect when we owned a Nokia so we understand.

Dnipropetrovsk chief veterinarian Oleksandr Shushlenko told AP that the crocodile would be taken for an X-ray this week if he continued to refuse food. Surgically removing the phone would be a last resort, he said, since incisions and stitches usually take at least three weeks to heal in reptiles and the procedure is dangerous for the animal and the vets.

The Tame Apple press claims that the croc would have been a lot happier if it had swallowed an iPhone. We guess that it would have fallen to bits easier, or the croc’s digestive system would have just defecated it at high speed.  Still it is has been a bad couple of years for Nokia. and a bit sad that even a crocodile does not really want one of its shiny toys.