Nokia fined for sending spam

An Australian advertising watchdog has taken a large chunk out of the rump of the former rubber boot maker Nokia for spamming its punters with text messages.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald,The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has told Nokia to fix the problems linked with the marketing of its short-message-service (SMS) and comply with spam laws. Meanwhile the mobile phone outfit has been told to pay $55,000 for sending the SMSs .

The ACMA started an investigation into the Finnish telecommunications giant following complaints from customers, who could not unsubscribe from “tips” sent by Nokia.

If punters tried to contact Nokia to tell them to stop sending them tips they could never find someone who would take them off any list. All this was required by Aussie spam laws.

Some of the tips gave customers information about their handsets, but others promoted Nokia’s products and services.

ACMA acting chairman Richard Bean said it was an example of how some businesses were still flouting the rules on SMS marketing.

Nokia has not made any comment since the ruling was made.