Nokia E7 smartphone finally ready for launch

The Nokia E7 smartphone will arrive this week, at long last, after its launch was delayed in December.

Nokia said the delay was to ensure “the best possible user experience”, which, if we consider similar delays by the company in the past, could mean that a patch was needed. A previous flagship phone, the N8, was delayed because of power problems.

The E7 will pack a touchscreen and a slideout keyboard, similar to other models. It will also be powered by Symbian ^3, the latest version of Nokia’s struggling platform.

The company reported that it was already shipping the phone to retailers but the delay means it missed out on the busy Christmas shopping season.

Nokia has been losing ground to Apple and Google in the smartphone market, with its Symbian operating system taking a major beating over the past year. Many believe that Symbian won’t last and that Nokia may be forced to adopt Android, a move which may help it recover from weak sales due to the growing popularity of Google’s OS.

It was also suggested that Nokia would sack many of its executive board members in a move to shake-up the company and restore it to previous profitability. A complete revamp of the company is expected later this year, according to Reuters.