Nokia demonstrates its MeeGo support

Nokia’s going to support MeeGo after all. It’ll bring out one, yes one MeeGo device this year.

Why bother? Some sort of contractual obligation? We don’t know, because when we asked at Nokia HQ this past Friday a PR jumped in to cut the interview short. We certainly got that impression.

Well, not immediately. According to Nokia’s VP for product marketing Ilari Nurmi, “It’s very clear that Windows Phone is our platform. It is very clear.” 

With the sudden u-turn effectively leaving Intel alone in a field it knows very little about, Nokia execs must have caught some flack. We asked Nurmi about Nokia’s relationship with Intel. He told us: “On the Intel front, obviously we have multiple relationships in practice and different roles.

“When we talk about chipsets we have been talking about the fact that with MeeGo, we will bring out a MeeGo device. We know what we are doing today on that particular front.

“We will bring in a MeeGo product into the field this year. We have also said as a development effort, and MeeGo based devices, it’s something we want to learn from. There is good work that is being done on that particular front.

“Hopefully we are able to leverage what we’ve learned from MeeGo.”

But really, is there any point in spending the time and money on releasing a MeeGo device? Or does Nokia have its hands tied? Nurmi tells us that Nokia is releasing a MeeGo device to “learn from it”. That’s that cleared up, then.

“Let’s talk about what’s in the market today,” Nurmi’s PR said, and we were done… 

*EyeSee The rumours are that Nokia will launch the MeeGo product tomorrow at Singapore’s Nokia Connection event. You can expect a bit and a piece about Symbian too. In the words of some other folks at Nokia: “Watch Symbian very carefully on Tuesday.” We’ll keep one eye half open!

*EyeSee Nokia denies plans to make a mint from patents and ditch the products. According to Nurmi and others it’s totally a product company and we’re going to see some future disruptions for certain.