Nokia delays E7

Mobile phone outfit Nokia is shooting itself in the foot again after it announced delays to its flagship E7 smartphone.

According to Reuters, Nokia has decided that the model is not ready yet and will not ship until early 2011. This means that the E7 will miss the key holiday buying season.

A spokesman for the former rubber gumboot maker said that the delays were needed “ensure the best possible user experience on the E7”. Reading between the lines that sounds like something is broken.

It could be anything ranging from hardware to the Symbian 3 operating system.

The E7 is similar to its current flagship model the N8, but has a full slideout keyboard. However the similarities to the N8 do not stop there.

The N8 was similar to the N97 which came with a touchscreen which was blighted by hardware problems. The N8 was supposed to show off the latest version of Nokia’s Symbian 3 OS and it was delayed by a quarter.

When it finally shipped it was with a power problem which meant that the machine did not turn on. Nokia said that it only effected a small number of users, but was due to a fault in the way it made them.

All up Nokia would have been hoping that the E7 would take away the stink of the N8, which was supposed to take away the strange smell of the N97.

Nokia appears to be losing interest in Symbian, but the way that 2010 has gone it should probably lose interest in smartphones and get back to the rubber business. With all this global warming there could be a lot of money in wet weather gear.