Nokia cosies up to Indian security agencies

Nokia appears to be cosying up to the Indian government in a bid to punt rival RIM aside. 

It has announced that it has set up servers in India and is working on a way to allow security agencies to monitor consumer emails. It hopes that these methods will be ready to implement within three months.

“We have completed our commitment,” D. Shivakumar, vice president and managing director, Nokia India, told Indian reporters. However, he pointed out that these services were only for consumer email and not corporate email services.

India of course is asking for companies to provide this due to fears that the highly encrypted emails sent through smartphones make them convenient for terrorists to use undetected.

Although it has not been confirmed, it does seem coincidental with the troubles RIM is facing in the country. 

RIM has been in a long running dispute with India regarding the information it gives out about its customers. The dispute began last year when India suspended services to the company’s servers. However, RIM bowed down and tried to come to an agreement, which has seen it provide agencies with access to its messenger services.

However, RIM’s reaction has been “Holy Smokes,” suggesting the demand from India’s government is heavy.  

It has hit back at demands by Indian authorities for more power to monitor the email data sent from its Blackberry handsets claiming that the new ask has raised serious concerns for the user’s privacy.