Nokia considers selling HQ

Smartphone maker and Microsoft chum Nokia is seeking to sell its headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

According to Reuters the move is part of a drive to dispose of non-core assets.

Company spokesperson Maija Taimi said the company is looking at different options for “non-core parts”, such as real estate holdings, and that includes the headquarters.

The nice man from the estate agents thinks that that the well appointed glass and steel building, with its own hot and cold running water, could get $259-388 million if he was given a sole agency.

The problem then will be where the company accountants and executives will be able to meet and practice their use of buzzwords. It is a scientific fact if an IT executive cannot use the words and phrases like paradigm, outside the box, good solutions, going forward,  or leveraging buyouts in the company of their peers their genitals start to shrink.

Finland is also a little nippy to hold management meetings outside in the winter, although creating snowmen is a good team building exercise. It is thought that Nokia might move its HQ to somewhere cheaper in the US where it can be closer to its Microsoft overlords.

Nokia has been trying to improve its finances through large job cuts and other measures but it looks like selling the family silver will be the the order of the day.