Nokia C5 T-Mobile release appears out of nowhere

The Nokia C5 entry level phone has quietly surfaced today with contract deals beginning to appear on T-Mobile.

The C5 is the first of the new slimline C-series. It runs Nokia’s Symbian operating system and allows access to the Ovi shop and applications, such as maps, music, and mail. The recent deal with Yahoo may bring other services to the table for Nokia users too.

It sports a 2.2-inch 240 x 320 pixel screen, 3 megapixel camera, 128 MB RAM, and 50 MB internal storage, allowing up to 16GB extra via micro SD cards. A 2GB card is included with the phone, reports mobile news blog Omio.

The Nokia C5 deals on offer seem pretty reasonable: you can get your greasy mitts on it for as little as a tenner a month on a two year T-Mobile contract, which is dirt cheap. That package gives a reasonable 100 free minutes and 100 free texts. Next up at £15 a month you’ll get 300 of each. The deals go all the way up to £40 a month for 1,200 minutes and 500 texts, all offering the pretty little thing itself for free.

We’re surprised how quietly the phone slipped onto our radar – we’d normally expect pre-release deals but the phone has arrived just in time for its scheduled Q2 2010 release.