Nokia brings out three new phones

Just as Microsoft released low cost ‘social’ phones with the Kin devices, Nokia looks to have done a very similar thing by bringing out two new low cost mobiles.

The C3 and the C6 devices even look reasonably similar to Microsoft’s efforts, with QWERTY keyboards and capabilities aimed at what the companies see as our social networking and Twitter obsessed generation.

The Facebook and Twitter integration seems to be an increasing trend for companies aiming at the more budget side of the smartphone market, as it means they can cater for users who want this capability but not the price of a higher-end device.

There’s really not much difference with these phones to the type of thing that Nokia has released before, using Symbian, the current version being not very good to use compared to something like Android.

Nokia is being very, very slow in competing in the more high-end of the smartphone market, but it there must be new devices in the offing which will run on a upgraded version of Symbian.

For what its worth, the C3 device has a full QWERTY keyboard and social networks available straight on the home screen, but does come at a very reasonable £79 (90 Euros):

Nokia C3

The C6 has a 3.2 inch touchscreen with the same social networking experience on the home screen, but a slide-out QWERTY better camera. It will come at about £194 (220 Euros). 

Nokia also released another device in the E5 series device, more suitable for the business market.