Nokia asks police to recover prototype

Mobile phone maker Nokia has asked Inspector Knacker of the Moscow Yard to recover a mobile phone prototype which is in the paws of a technology magazine.

Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief of, published a detailed review of Nokia’s forthcoming N8 smartphone based on a working prototype on April 26.

Nokia asked nicely for the phone back in a post labelled “one of our children is missing” on the company’s official blog.  However, Murtazin did not respond.

Doug Dawson, a spokesman for Nokia told AP that it has now contacted the Russian authorities to assist us in the return of all unauthorised Nokia property.”

Writing in his bog, Murtazin said he has made repeated attempts in the past two months to get in touch with Nokia and never heard back from the company.

He said that Nokia keep banging on about a trade secret infringement, but his magazine has never signed any non-disclosure agreements with the outfit.

Now Nokia is trying to claim that Murtazin is a consultant to other mobile- phone manufacturers.

“Whether Mr. Murtazin’s actions were as a blogger, or whether he is acting in the capacity of a consultant in order to provide information to his clients is an open question,” it said.

In short it is getting ugly and it seems that Nokia believes that the best approach is that adopted by Apple, when it called the cops over its iPhone 4 prototype.  The only difference is that when Apple called the cops, the prototype was already in Apple’s office after it had been returned by Gizmodo.