Nokia and Microsoft to spend a fortune on marketing

Rumours that Microsoft and Nokia are set to spend over $100 million on marketing Windows 8 tablets and smartphones are rubbish, according to veteran vole-watcher Paul Thurrott, who claims that they are going to spend a lot more.

Thurrott said that he has been given the real marketing figure and it is a lot more than “in the neighborhood of $100 million.”

Thurrott said it’s going to require shedloads of money to convince punters to buy millions of Windows Phone handsets in the first half of 2012. Not only will it need a new set of phones, it will also require increased contact with tech enthusiasts, increasing retail-worker recommendation rates through training and sales incentives, and other methods.

This will cost over $100 million in the US and it looks like Microsoft has tapped Nokia and its hardware chums Samsung.

According to the internal Microsoft documentation Thurrott claims to have seen, the total cost of this marketing tsunami is $200 million and that is just in the US. On AT&T at least, Nokia is outspending Microsoft two to one.

The plan includes sales incentives for retail workers which will get them recommending Windows Phone as an alternative to Android devices and the iPhone line. Average workers will make $10 to $15 per handset, depending on the number sold.

Microsoft is expected to make a big announcement at CES this coming week when we will all know for certain. It will be its last.