No Nexus 5 for LG, sorry guys

It seems LG won’t be getting the Nexus 5 contract after all. A few weeks ago a senior LG executive told The Korea Times that the company is cooperating with Google on next generation Nexus products, but now LG Europe VP Kim Wong says the company won’t be making the Nexus 5.

In an interview with All About Phones, Kim said the Nexus 4 was a success and that it is still on friendly terms with Google. He also said LG would not churn out vanilla Android phones of its own, arguing that there’s “no added value” in such phones.

It sounds a bit odd, since he described the Nexus 4 as a “great success” despite the production problems. 

“We do not need such a marketing success again,” Kim added. 

So basically Kim is saying that the stock Android Nexus 4 was a success, but LG doesn’t want a successful skinless Android phone because they could hurt the sales of skinned Optimus phones. It is tantamount to admitting that LG’s Android skins are terrible and that stock Android is just better, yet for some reason logically challenged LG execs are making a conscious decision to keep selling inferior products just for the hell of it. 

In related news, LG has announced the global rollout of the Nexus 4 White starting May 29, almost nine months after the phone was launched. But then again, LG apparently doesn’t want a successful phone on the market, which explains the delay.