Nexus One has cracked screen

Rival to the iPhone the Nexus One appears to have a bad case of the iMacs and developed cracking screens.

The case was first reported by the Crave which left the Google iPhone killer on a desk when its hacks popped out for a swift half.

When they returned the screen was rife with hairline cracks and a purple bruise had spread across the AMOLED touchscreen.

The phone had not been moved and there was no scratches or marks on the surface. The thin cracks appeared to be under the glass as if someone had a go at bending it.

Assuming that an Apple fanboi had not attempted to remove the rival phone from his presence there was clearly a fault.

HTC, which makes the phone said it has had no reports of cracking Google phones other than this one.

It sent a courier around to pick up the beast to see if there is anything wrong with it that could affect others.

Cracked screens seems to be a bit of a problem with techy gadgets at the moment. Apple is considering a recall of its expensive iMacs over cracked screens and other problems.