Next iPhone appears from Sprint this October

That rumoured next iPhone will appear in mid-Octber, according to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, and it will be sold by Sprint Nextel.

Sprint Nextel will get the iPhone 4 to flog, too. The WSJ report gives credence to our tip-offs that the next iPhone will be a cut-rate budget phone to attack the mid-range market, while still carrying the Apple branding and locked  into iOS. The proposed launch date fits in with the iOS refresh, too. Sources at the WSJ tend to be pretty reliable.

Earlier this month we reckoned that the date will be pushed into October for an imminent iPhone. We also heard from the channel its new model will aim to seduce potential users who are on the fence over from cheaper Android alternatives. It is likely to be thinner and a bit faster, fighting off the competition from Apple’s favourite supplier at the moment, Samsung, and others it is suing like HTC.

Sprint is the third largest carrier in the States. It really could do with adding an iPhone or two to its portfolio. Compared to AT&T and Verizon, which have sold Apple products for years, Sprint has had to do without.

An October release means Apple’s Q3 won’t enjoy the surge of Church converts and the faithful trying to get their hands on a new shiny rectangle with a bit of fruit etched on the back.

However, it should put sales up in the run-up to the true competition, rumoured for a March release next year.