Newsday pulls viral iPad advert

A viral advert which shows a bloke trying to squash a fly with an iPad has been pulled from YouTube by its creator.

Newsday did an advert for its new news app which was based on an ancient joke which was first carved into the walls of the Great Pyramid and was next to the one which started “My Dog has no nose… how does he smell… terrible.”

The gag, which we can remember from a 1974 jokebook, said “Q. How do we know that television will not replace newspapers? A. because they are too heavy to swat flies with.”

Newsday’s ad shows that you can swat flies with its iPad application, the only problem is that it will take out the expensive toy.

The advert was being extensively circulated. We are not sure if it was because people like recycled old gags, or the fact people like the idea of iPads being smashed.

But the mystery is why the advert was pulled. Paul Fleishman, vice president of public affairs for Newsday told Network News that he had taken the commercial ‘Flypaper’ down and its “short, glorious run appears to be over.”

The question is why it would do that and the dark satanic rumour mill says that Apple might have had a word with Newsday that it would not allow its application into iTunes unless its advertising fitted in with the corporate image of the iPad.

Steve probably did not like the idea of an iPad being smashed on YouTube. After all, he gets enough stick for flogging his broken iPhone 4.

However it is incredibly unlikely that Apple would start threatening its partners with trademark litigation, or using its market power to switch off news magazines that do not tow Apple’s company line.  That would be a nasty and possibly illegal act.  

Apple has not said anything about it. 

We found the advert in the French-occupied YouTube so you can have a look until it is pulled again.