New York Times drops BlackBerry app

The New York Times has decided that shunting its content to RIM users is a waste of time.

Despite the Times’ obsession with Apple, it had produced an official app for BlackBerry users can no longer use the official New York Times app to read news stories over their devices.

The move is being seen as more proof that Research In Motion is doomed as a the smartphone once considered the main tool for business people.

It pulled the app along with one for the Palm Pre so it shows how much importance it places on RIM readers.

New York Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy told Reuters that the usage of the RIM app had dropped.

She said the company has not ruled out developing an app for devices that will run on RIM’s BlackBerry 10 which is due out early next year.

It is possible that the number of RIM users is declining, as the company failed to move to its BlackBerry 10 fast enough and is flogging comparatively elderly technology.

However we are talking about the New York Times, which often acts as Apple’s unpaid press office so it is hard to see if there were many RIM based readers there in the first place.

BlackBerry users can still read the New York Times over their phones via the newspaper’s website so it is not clear why they would want an app anyway. The New York Times website admits that its mobile website offers “a more complete New York Times experience” than the NYTimes native app anyway.