New iPad elicits iYawns among potential punters

Apple appears to have disappointed potential users by not coming up with anything new with the latest iPad or even introducing that game changer, Siri.

A survey conducted by Magic Numbers Magazine after the launch showed that 42 percent of 7,500 surveyed mobile users thought that the new iPad was a minor upgrade and not worth mortgaging your home for.

This is stark comparison to last year where people thought the iPad 2 was the bee’s knees.

They were most disappointed that the tablet did not have the Siri search system. A third said that the lack of Siri put them off.

It seems that only 28 percent of those surveyed are planning to buy the new tablet. But it seems that most iPad 2 users don’t feel the need to upgrade theirs. One in five iPad 2 users will upgrade and only a third of original iPad users could be bothered.

Of those those who said they wanted one, a third did not have a tablet and only one in five thought they should have the latest Apple technology.

This is really bad news for Apple because it shows that those who have a tablet do not want to upgrade it and only a third of new tablet users were considering the new iPad.

The survey was entirely Apple centric but if you take the same figures, fold along the bottom line and cut them into a different shape, you are seeing a slide away from Cupertino tablets. Those that have an Apple product don’t want a new one and and only a third of new users will look at something fruity as their new experiment in tablets.

It is starting to look like Apple’s dream is fading with the death of Steve Jobs – and if the outfit does not come up with something new and brilliant soon, the fans will get bored and wander off in search of different queues.