New drivers using smartphones could lose their licence

Under tough new rules in England, Scotland and Wales, drivers caught using a phone within two years of passing their test will have their licence revoked.

The tough new penalties for using a phone at the wheel double from March 1 to six points and a £200 fine. New drivers who get six points or more must retake their practical and theory.

More experienced drivers can be banned if they get 12 points in three years. This means that checking your social media or texts when queuing in traffic or stopped at traffic lights could cost you your licence.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for what you can be charged with too. In the UK coppers could charge people with shedloads of other offences if they are seen being on their mobile phones.

You can use your phones sat nav as long as the phone is mounted in a hands-free holder.

It appears that Blighty coppers have had enough of accidents caused by people using their mobile phones. Cognitive testing shows that smartphone use when driving is about the same as being over the drinking and driving limit. Goodness knows what would happen if you are drink driving and checking your emails.