Mumbai police enforcing “no selfie” zones

7d3d7dcbb972d04e14bfa7fc392e36c5Mumbai police have had enough of people getting practically killed while taking selfie and are starting to enforce “no-selfie” zones in parts of the city.

Inspector Knacker of the Mumbai Yard is mapping out areas in the city where it might be dangerous to take a selfie, and will mark those areas as no selfie zones.

According to a top cop: “We are in the process of identifying and then marking a few locations in the city where clicking selfies will not be allowed.”

It is getting quite serious.  Three young girls fell into the Arabian Sea while taking selfies on a rock that was jutting out towards the sea near Bandra Fort. They lost their balance and fell into the sea.  A local hero saved two but could not find the third.

Nevertheless the Interent is full of narissitic types doing their best to snap the perfect selfy.  If Mumbai police do arrest those for trying to enter themselves in the darwin awards chances are they will try to take a picture of the event.  Here is me being arrested, here is me in the police car, here  I am in the Mumbai police cell.