Mozilla bans Apple iOS

Big Cheeses in the Mozzarella Foundation have decided that the fruity cargo cult Apple is too nasty to work with.

Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s VP of Products, said there is no way that the outfit will build an iOS version of its Firefox web browser while Apple is unfriendly towards third party browsers.

Speaking at SXSW in a mobile browser wars panel, Sullivan said that Mozilla pulled its browser from the App Store back in September 2012 because of Apple’s not so accommodating attitude and it has no plans to change its mind.

He said that third party browsers were not allowed to carry their rendering techniques and javascript engines over to iO. The only default browser on iOS permitted is Jobs’ Mob Safari.

These limitations mean that Apple would have its way when it comes to browser choices. While users suffer, why should Apple care?

Of course the Tame Apple Press (TAP) seems to think that Mozilla’s decision not to put themselves on iOS devices is not sound because the operating system is taking over the world and soon everyone will be in Apple’s Walled Garden of Delights (WGOD).

Firefox holds less than one percent of market share when it comes to mobile browsers, Parity News pointed out, meanwhile, it claims that Apple commands more than half of this segment thanks to Safari.

Mozilla has the problem that while Android is a little more friendly, Google also pushes its own Chrome Browser on the OS.

But Mozilla also has the problem that there is little point redesigning an operating system for a closed system where it is unlikely to be marketed out anyway.