Motorola to stick Bing onto Android phone

Motorola is set to get Google jolly cross by shoving Microsoft’s Bing search engine onto its Android phones.

Android is the open saucy operating system put out by Google, and was designed mostly to drive more users to the search engine.

Motorola said the partnership with Microsoft means that a Bing bookmark and search widget will be loaded on cell phones.

To rub salt in the wounds, the new phones will be launched in China which does not have a particularly good relationship with Google.

Motorola knows this as it struck a similar deal to let consumers in China use Baidu among others, as the default Web search instead of Google on Android based phones.

It seems that Motorola does not want to anger the Chinese authorities by sticking a search engine onto its machines that anger mandarins.

Motorola is banking on its ties to Google’s Android and its sales in China to help in a big turnaround effort. Having search alternatives on the Android phones should lessen Motorola’s dependence on Google, in China or elsewhere.

Still, it is a bit like running the MacOS and and only running Windows 7 via boot camp, or insisting on eating fish and chips in an Italian restaurant in Rome.