Motorola sheds more light on X-Phone

Motorola has finally gone on record with a few interesting details about its rumoured X-Phone. The device will be called the Moto X, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside told the D11 tech conference on Wednesday. 

Developed by Motorola’s Skunk Works, the phone will be the first smartphone built entirely in the United States. Motorola will source 1,100 components used in the phone from across the globe. The processor will be stamped out in Taiwan, while the OLED screen will come from South Korea. On top of that, it will use components from twelve US states, from Corning in New York to a bunch of suppliers in California. 

It will be assembled in Forth Worth, Texas. The 45,000 square foot factor will employ about 2,000 people by August. It would sound impressive if it weren’t for the fact that the site employed 16,000 people 15 years ago when it was still churning out Nokia phones. 

The benefits of building phones stateside are plain to see. The company believes the move will help it reduce engineering and design costs, while at the same time drastically cutting shipping costs and saving plenty of time. 

In addition, it will probably get a lot of positive press coverage for bolstering the US manufacturing sector. It is also very unlikely to face any labour rights outcry, since it will base the plant in Forth Worth, and anyone trying to abuse workers in the great state of Texas has a very good chance of getting shot in the face.

We still don’t know the exact specs, but with all the hype surrounding it, Motorola’s X-phone might be worth the wait.