Motorola says its faulty handsets are down to Android

Phone maker Motorola is passing the buck for faulty handsets to the writers of vampire Android applications.

Instead of holding its hands up and admitting that perhaps there could be a problem it’s decided to point the finger at “battery draining” Android apps as the reason why its handsets running on this operating system are sent back.

It has said that the blame lies with a huge 70 percent of apps, which are downloaded onto the phone as a result of the Android Market’s openness.

This, Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola Mobility, said meant there was nothing to prevent poor-quality apps from being flogged to customers.

He pushed the blame further on Google claiming that while the company removed applications that were found to be malicious, it had no process in place to ensure that  apps performed efficiently.

According to Computerworld, he added that as a result Motorola was now seeing the impact of this. However, all is not lost with the company claiming to have found a cure for the problem. It’s said that its Motoblur skin is a way to help people keep track of the apps used and how they perform.

It works by allowing users to see how an app will affect their phone’s performance and whether they should blame the app or the company when the phone stops working.