Motorola recalls Razr. The first cut is the deepest

Motorola has decided to dust off its old Razr brand in a desperate bid to recreate its glory days.

The telephone maker has fallen on lean times after walking away from Razr, although to be fair it was slammed for relying on the phone for too long. Motorola depended on the Razr between 2004 and late 2006. By early 2007 it was a bit of a joke to own one.

Now, according to Reuters, it seems that now the Razr is back in the US it will be called the Droid Razr, although we were not aware that Droids had body hair and needed a Razr. For the rest of the world it will be back to the Razr that we know and love.

Well sort of. Most people do not expect the phone to flog the 130 million unit sales that Motorola had before. In fact some do not think it is a good idea to reincarnate a phone which symbolised the outfit’s success and doom in one clam-shell package. Still, Motorola is claiming that the new Razr is the thinnest phone in the world, which is not a bad marketing idea.

But the Droid Razr is a tablet-like device with a 4.3-inch display that looks nothing like the original flip-phone Razr. This has marketeers a bit puzzled. If it had been a flip-phone then people might have applauded but this is just retro-branding which only fitted into “not a bad idea” category.

It seems that Motorola is hoping to copy Sony’s success in transferring the brand of the Walkman portable cassette player to a mobile and its use of the Cybershot camera brand for camera phones.