Motorola next up for Intel smartphone

Google’s Motorola Mobility has revealed itself as the next smartphone vendor to support Intel’s attempts to make inroads into the market with its Atom processors.

Motorola Mobility, now a part of Google, will release the Razr i in the UK and other parts of Europe, touting long battery life and a 4.3 inch edge to edge Super AMOLED screen. The phone will be released with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, upgradable to Jelly Bean when it is released in October.

Unlike the newly released iPhone 5, the Razr i will feature NFC, while Motorola appears to be doing its best to make the most of the name of its processor, claiming “Intel-fast” speeds that will allow quicker loading for its 8 megapixel camera.

Motorola says that the phone should be able to reach speeds of 2.0GHz due to Intel’s Atom processor.

Intel has been making inroads into the smartphone market dominated by chips built using ARM designs, and has seen its processors used in a number of handsets in the past months.

Who will ultimately win this battle is not clear yet, but Intel has some way to go before it can dent ARM’s monstrous share of the market.