Motorola Mobility buys cloud and synch firm Zecter

Motorola Mobility has bought cloud computing and synchronisation firm Zecter in efforts to bring cloud and synch technologies into its mobile devices.

Zecter has two main products, ZumoDrive and ZumoCast. The first is a cloud synchronisation software that allows people to synch their mobile phones and other devices to their home computer. ZumoCast is a more traditional program that allows streaming of music, video and other files from a cloud server.

Motorola will add Zecter’s products into its Motoblur service, bringing new cloud features to the company’s mobile phones and tablet PCs. Zecter’s wireless syncing, desktop integration, video transcoding and thin-file retrieval technologies will be incorporated into Motorola devices.

ZumoCast will now be suspended while the Zecter products are shifted over to Motorola, although existing customers of ZumoCast will be able to continue using it without disruption. ZumoDrive will remain available during the transition.

Motorola said that it has big and “exciting” plans for the Zumo services in the near future. With the cloud market expected to boom in 2011 and the smartphone and tablet markets expected to continue the strong growth they experienced in 2010 the combination of the two may be a wise move.

Financial terms of the deal were not revealed.