Motorola Droid 2 will have Flash

Invites are being sent out to he launch of the next Motorola Droid at noon ET on June 23 and it is starting to look like there will be some Android 2.2 goodness in the mix.

On the invite it mentions that Adobe’s CEO is going to be there and the Droid 2 will run Android 2.2.

Android 2.2 is the first to have Flash 10.1 support and if the Droid 2.2 is running it it will kick the glorious Apple and AT&T alliance firmly in the trusted assets.

Jobs’ Mob has been screaming to anyone that will listen that they should abandon Flash. It might be that Jobs actually feared the moment that someone would get something as involved as Flash 10.1 running on a smartphone.

Not only will it mean that the Droid will see more of the Flash related world wide wibble than the iPhone 4, it will also have shedloads more functionality thanks to Android 2.2.

The timing of the press announcement is interesting. It is the day before Apple will be orchestrating its hysterical queues outside its shops for the iPhone 4 on June 24.

It looks like Verizon, Google, Motorola and Adobe are banding together the day before provide some counter-programming.

Although a Droid running Android 2.2 is probably going to look like sex on a stick, the people who queue for Apple products, rather than wait for a more sensible moment, are not the sort that are interested in anything without an Apple logo on it.