Motorola "does an Apple" by losing phone prototype

Motorola has done an Apple by leaving a prototype of its next Android smartphone in a fleamarket.

The Motorola Olympus was found just lying around, much like Apple’s iPhone 4 earlier this year. And just like the Apple device, Gizmodo managed to get its hands on the prototype before anyone else.

The incident raises questions about how genuine these apparent phone losses really are. On the one hand a leak can ruin a planned launch and advertising campaign, but in the case of the iPhone 4 the leak generated more media attention than a normal launch would. Though police crashing through the door may not have pleased Jason Chen, it was great for coverage – perhaps Motorola is following suit.

The anonymous person who stumbled upon the phone said he bought it without knowing that it would power on. He also “accidentally” discovered the developers menu by holding the volume down and power buttons simultaneously.

We wonder if Motorola is willing to follow in Apple’s footsteps even further by reporting the incident to the police and if there will be raids on the homes of Gizmodo editors anytime soon.