Motorola dodges Microsoft bullet

Google dodged a small bullet when the Mannheim Regional Court, Germany, ruled Motorola Mobility Holdings doesn’t infringe on a Microsoft patent.

Microsoft accused Motorola of infringing on a radio interface patent, the Wall Street Journal reports. Corporate veep at Microsoft, David Howard, said that despite this loss, it still has been awarded injunctions against two enforced Motorola products in Germany, which will not be affected. Microsoft will be able to appeal the decision, but has not revealed whether it will.

As all the big vendors realise the inevitable convergence of hardware manufacturing, they are all sticking the boot into each other either as an insurance policy to turn money on devices sold (read Android) or, in the Apple versus Samsung cases, to keep competitive products off the shelf.

So it was probably with a smile that Howard announced: “It remains that Motorola is broadly infringing Microsoft’s intellectual property, and we hope it will join the vast majority of Android device makers by licensing Microsoft’s patents”.

Motorola Mobility is a strategic target for the rest of the industry because Google snapped it up – and with the success of Android, the company which does no evil has undoubtedly pressed fear on the competition and its own hardware partners.

Both Motorola and Microsoft are accusing each other of infringing on patents, having filed claims in Germany and the USA. As is normally the case, for now, the corporate lawyers – whichever the side – will be able to keep themselves in shoes, as the farce of patent pending lawsuits lumbers on from all sides.